"Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children."


For all our family journeys we work to ensure your trip is as unique as your family.  Whether your group size is 8 or 80, our personalized service and attention to detail will seamlessly integrate the needs of everyone in your party.  Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or just celebrating time together we know we are planning more that just a trip—we are creating your family memories.

Our Services Include:

  • Personalized service and coordination of all details of your trip from planning until you return home.
  • Published web page with all trip information and details.
  • Custom T-Shirts or other appropriate destination specific gift for all groups of 15 or more.
  • Group pricing and added amenities when available.
  • Individualized pre/post travel plans for everyone in your group.
  • Custom tours/activities/excursions for both groups and individuals while on your trip.
  • Axus mobile travel app that seamlessly coordinates individual travel plans for each family member.

Group Benefits:

  • Convenience:
    The family leader does not need to collect trip payments or manage items like passport numbers as Christopher Travel handles all booking aspects for your family.

  • Credits:
    "Tour Conductor" credit is often available for the family leader once the minimum group size is met (the requirements vary by the cruise or tour provider).

  • Pricing:
    Costs to book one person in a family group booking is usually less expensive than the cost for one person on the same itinerary for a non-group booking.

  • Extras:
    Additional amenities or room credits are usually available for families that meet the minimum size requirement.  For example, on cruises a cocktail party and stateroom credit are often selected as additional amenities not usually available for individual reservations.

  • Deposits:
    Most family reunions do not require a deposit up front and each family within your group will just pay when they book.  This is not always the case though.  We will discuss all the options with you.



Cruising offers an ideal option for an extended family vacation.  From luxury lines with white glove service and world class cuisine to contemporary lines offering everything from bumper cars to skydiving there is a cruise line for almost any family.

Adventure seekers can travel to the ends of the earth on expedition ships.  River cruises offer picturesque landscapes meandering between fairytale villages.  The shear variety of cruise options can overwhelm anyone looking to plan a vacation for their family and Christopher Travel will help you find the right ship and the right itinerary for your family.

Christopher Travel works with the cruise line's group coordinator to plan every aspect of your vacation for requests like special dinners to group shore excursions and even on board activities exclusively for your group.  We also work to find you the most value for your vacation negotiating group pricing and group amenities.



Our overland journeys include a variety of options appealing to your individual family’s needs and budget.

Our prepackaged  itineraries are tried and true vacations with great value and extraordinary experiences built right in.  We focus on culturally immersive vendors allowing families to travel through almost any corner of the earth and see and do more together.  These itineraries can sometimes be customized through a variety of options.

Resort vacations are single destination group trips that offer the utmost in relaxation and family bonding.  We will help you select a resort that appeals to all members of your group.  From beaches to mountains and everywhere in between we can find a resort you will all love.

For those wanting the highest level of service our custom vacations can be tailored in every way.  Working with in country partners around the globe Christopher Travel will curate a truly unique once in a lifetime experience for your family.





Europe, Alaska, and Caribbean sailings, to name a few, with child friendly relaxation!

The colorful Alaska cruise port of Ketchiakan contrasts against a backdrop of lush green mountains.


Breathtaking wilderness opportunities!



Diverse adventure for the active family!

Start planning your family's adventure!