The Islands of Tahiti

"“For the first time I understood why people come back from Alaska with fifty pictures of glaciers or return from a honeymoon in Tahiti with fifty pictures of the same sunset. The world is so beautiful in these places, it is impossible to register that there will be more, more, more. "

Tahiti Vacation Planning*

We plan vacations all over the world, but after Alaska the place we find most mystifying is French Polynesia.  The islands of Tahiti are the perfect place for anyone looking for adventure, culture, beauty and, of course, to escape a long cold winter.

 As a Tahiti Tourism Specialist, Mary is an expert in planning both cruise and resort vacations to the Islands of Tahiti.

Why Tahiti? 

People often ask what's so special about French Polynesia?

Quite simply, the islands of Tahiti have retained their authenticity more than most beach destinations.  It's unspoilt and wild.

The brilliant blue lagoons teeming with sea life surround vibrant green islands where the culture is vibrant and still intact.  They haven't become swallowed up into the mini mall concept of tourist shops.

Each of the unique islands capture the essence of the past in a way you simply can't find anywhere else on earth.


Resort, Cruise or both?

The Islands of Tahiti, also known as French Polynesia, consist of 118 islands and atolls dotting the azure blue south pacific ocean over an area roughly the size of Western Europe.

With all that ocean guests who are looking for a land only vacation miss so much of Tahiti.

Experience the islands from the comfort of a luxury sailing yacht waking up each morning to a new view of this absolute paradise.  Tack on a few days in an overwater bungalow for the ultimate Tahiti experience.