It's always best to start planning your trip to Alaska early-- 8-12 months in advance if possible.

Shakespeare once wrote, “In delay there lies no plenty.” He was, of course, talking about love, but he may as well have been talking about planning a summer trip to Alaska. Christopher Travel recommends clients begin their Alaska summer vacation planning one year in advance. There are many reasons for this.

  1. Alaska’s summer is short. Really short. When we talk about the tourist season we usually can go from May until September, but for the best experience you really want to plan an Alaska summer vacation in June through August when the days are warmer and the salmon are starting to run.
  2. Alaska is remote. That means there aren’t a lot of places to stay and most are very small and rustic. Some of the most popular backcountry lodges actually have a lottery system a full year out to see who gets rooms. If you are looking to get away from Anchorage– and we recommend you definitely do– remember availability is an issue.
  3. Alaska is expensive. Booking early won’t necessarily help with that, but it does make a difference. In the basics of supply and demand the fewer rooms left open the more people can charge for them and they often do. We’ve seen basic box hotels in Anchorage going for more than five hundred dollars a night when booked the week of in summer. These same hotels are less than two hundred when booked a year out.
  4. Alaska is rustic. If you are looking for a more luxurious Alaska summer vacation the leftover accommodations are often worn and dated. At the last minute it’s not unusual for lodging with shared bathrooms to go for three hundred dollars a night or more. The earlier you book the better the options.

Christopher Travel waives planning fees for all vacations including a cruise and/or organized land tour component. Contact Christopher Travel today to start planning your Alaska Adventure!

What if I waited too long? Is it too late to plan an Alaska summer vacation?

For our clients who prefer to book at the last minute we recommend cruising. (we actually recommend all travelers to Alaska include a cruise component to their trip) Cruise ships often have last minute cabins and we can help you find shore excursions that interest you. Cruise ships also offer cruise tours which will allow you to see some of the Alaskan Interior. This is the best option for a last minute trip to Alaska.

Christopher Travel can plan extraordinary adventures for your Alaska vacation, but please contact us early. We want to be able to plan you the best possible trip and “In delay there lies no plenty”.