I can’t believe I am saying this: I want to go to Antarctica.

Coming from me this is a radical statement.  I’m cold all the time.  I love the sun and the beach.  I like hiking through forests and seeing green and plants and, well, life.  Why would anyone want to go to do the coldest windiest place on earth?

Antarctica is not about comfort and warmth and sun—it’s about experiencing the magnificence of this planet we call home.  It’s about something bigger than just a “trip” or a “vacation”.  Antarctica is one of those ultimate bucket list destinations that changes your view on the world and gives you context few others can share.

Antarctica is the white continent—large and mysterious—and those who visit belong to a select club.   It’s a destination like no other—teeming with adventure.


How do you get to Antarctica?

Accessible by both air and sea Antarctica actually is relatively easy to visit from the comfort of some of the world’s most luxurious cruise lines as well as some lesser known expedition vessels.  I will explore some of them here and give you an idea of how they differ.  Finding the perfect fit is an important part of planning a trip to Antarctica and these are just a handful of options.  You need to be sure you are with a group that shares your same expectations in terms of adventure and luxury.  Because there are many ways to get to Antarctica it’s best you contact me to help you decide which option is right for you and ensure all the details of your trip are perfectly planned, but I will give you a brief overview of my favorite options here.  I highly recommend all of these vessels and most of them are ultra-luxury class with the absolute highest level of service and luxury.   I have also included other less expensive options—explorer class and premium cruise class.  All are preferred suppliers of Christopher Travel LLC so we offer the best in pricing, extra amenities and perks.  I’ve given approximation for pricing and duration but please contact me for specific pricing and information on specials, perks and amenities for a particular sailing.


G Adventures:

G Adventures is a well known and growing adventure travel provider that offers small explorer class cruising to Antarctica.  The G Expedition, a 134 passenger polar expedition ship is well equipped for the rapidly changing weather in this region of the world.  Antarctica itineraries offer in depth adventure focused experiences with included twice daily zodiac excursions to the continent.  Offerings also include optional polar plunge, kayaking and camping on the continent.  Accommodations are simple, clean and comfortable.   Expeditions are well planned and executed with 1:10 ratio of knowledgeable staff on hand.  Expedition parkas and waterproof boots are provided.   G Adventures also has pre and post options to explore more of South America.

Duration: 11-22days

Prices: $6300-$19000+


Princess Cruises:

New to Antarctica Princess is a welcome addition to the market.  This Premium cruise line offers an extraordinary level of service on all it’s voyages.  With multiple dining venues, first class entertainment, top notch spa and a variety of on board activities a Princess cruise guarantees you will “Come back new”.  If you are looking to enjoy the white continent from the comfort and privacy of your own veranda and enjoy astonishing vistas as you pass by Princess is the perfect option.   Princess not only offers sailing through the Antarctic peninsula, but for the more adventurous Princess also offers an air excursion from Puerto Arenas landing on the continent itself.  From the luxury of a chartered jet you’ll visit a Chilean research facility and take a zodiac tour to vist Papua Penguin colonies.  Although there is only the air excursion to land on the continent Princess is perfect for those looking to see and visit Antarctica with simplicity and ease.

Duration: 16 days

Price: $4000-$12,000+ including cruising.  $3500 additional for the air excursion.



Hurtigruten is a well appointed high end explorer class ship with expeditions beginning in Buenos Aires and including flights to Ushuaia where you will board the MS Midnatsol.  The Midnatsol is designed to have the greatest flexibility and maneuverability in this region of the world. With large two story panoramic windows over the bow passengers are sure to get a good view of the astonishing beauty of the Antarctic landscape.  Daily zodiac landings with expert staff offer multiple opportunities to go ashore.

Duration: 13 nights

Price: starting at $9,600+



Ponant is a French cruise line offering luxury service and five star accommodations.  With several ships sailing to Antarctica on multiple itineraries there are a wide range of options.  Common to all expeditions on Ponant ships is the exquisite attention to details, fine foods, exceptional wines and first class accommodations for which they are known.  Zodiac expeditions inclusive of a souvenir parka and boot rental provide travelers with daily opportunities to explore Antarctica and have the adventure of a lifetime all while enjoying  white glove service.  Ponant is a truly all inclusive experience including everything from an open bar to round trip flights and transfers from Buenos Aires.

Duration: 11-21 days

Price: $11,000-$20,000+

*Abercrombie & Kent and Tauck are two top notch tour companies that charter Ponant Ships for their Antarctica offerings.  While Christopher Travel can make arrangements for independent pre or post cruise experiences passengers who prefer group arrangements during both the land and sea parts of their Antarctic adventure should ask us about options through these two well known and highly regarded companies both of which are preferred partners of Christopher Travel.



Silversea is a luxury line that cruises the Silver Cloud expedition vessel for it’s Antarctic itineraries. With 16 Zodiacs and 19 on board expedition team leaders guests will have many opportunities for landing on the continent.  The dedicated and knowledgeable expedition staff is one of the best in the business offering a plethora of lectures and educational seminars.  In addition to the immersive expedition element of the voyage Silver Cloud is one of the most exquisite ships at sea.  Butler service, fine dining, the best wines and countless other luxuries will pamper you once your return from your day of adventure.

Duration: 10-31 days

Price:  $12,000-$40,000+



Visiting Antarctica with Seabourn is the pinnacle of luxury and adventure.  Seabourn’s attention to detail and their intuitive service is unparalleled.  They allow for safe and controlled independent exploration during landings so those who wish to explore can do so while those who simply wish to sit and take it all in can do that as well.  They have incredibly well thought out systems to ensure the maximum opportunities for each traveler to go ashore even when weather conditions alter the route or limit landings.  Seabourn’s staff are trained to have the extraordinary ability to cater to every traveler’s needs no matter how unique or diverse and to anticipate those needs.  Seabourn’s vessels themselves are masterpieces of style and elegance and are both classy and comfortable.  Their suites are well appointed and luxurious with the option to have private dinners served course by course in the cabin.  With almost a 1:1 staff to guest ratio all passengers are assured to be pampered and served with the utmost level of service possible.

Duration: 21-57 days

Price:  $9000-$96,000+


When you think about your next vacation and feel, “been there, done that” and you want to go somewhere extraordinary consider the White Continent.  Antarctica is the ultimate in bucket list travel destination offering a unique view of the most remote stretches of the planet.   For highly personalized expert planning advice and assistance of your Antarctic adventure contact mary@christopher.travel.  I will guide you through the entire process offering advice and support before, during and after your voyage.