A “newer” destination on the American tourist’s radar is Iguassu Falls in South America.  Located at the juncture of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay the Iguassu Falls are the largest collection of waterfalls in the world.  This natural wonder is unparalleled and surrounded by a vast park teeming with wildlife.  The unique culture and fascinating history of this diverse landscape makes it a great destination for those looking to go somewhere different.  

Don’t Miss:

  • Trail of the Falls:  This 1200 meter trail moderately easy trail will take you to a beautiful overlook of the most impressive of the Iguassu Falls: Devil’s Throat.
  • Macuco Safari:  This tour will take you on a hike through the jungle and down to a boat that takes you up close to the falls.  Keep your eyes open for jaguars and be prepared to get wet!
  • Bird Park: The Bird Park is the only sanctuary in the world exclusively dedicated to the conservation of birds of the Atlantic Forest.  This unique park will bring you up close with some of the most exotic and beautiful birds on the planet.  It’s so much more than the birds though.  Through the Forest Experience the indigenous peoples of the region—the Guarani– will welcome you into their village in a culturally immersive traditional dinner around a campfire.  Eat, dance, and share stories together in this authentic and magical experience. 
  • Itaipu Binacional Dam: The Itaipu Dam generates more hydroelectric power than any other dam in the world.  This joint project between Brazil and Paraguay is not only an engineering marvel, but also an example of how countries working together can achieve remarkable results in clean energy.
  • Monday Falls: This magnificent waterfall in Paraguay is dwarfed by the nearby Iguassu, but nonetheless it is one of the most spectacular waterfalls on earth.  Enjoy a day hiking some of the trails around the falls.  Less crowded and just as beautiful, Monday Falls is just as worthy as it’s more popular neighbor. 

Where to stay:

Foz de Iguazu, Brazil is the largest of the surrounding cities and the gateway through which most international visitors arrive.  The large city offers night life, shopping and casinos to contrast with the more natural wonders of the nearby falls and national park.  Hotels and hostels are plentiful as well several beautiful in town resorts making an in town stay a great place for many visitors.

For those looking to stay closer to the falls there are several beautiful jungle resorts located both within the park and in the surrounding area.  Though farther from town each offers a wide variety of activities, spas, cuisine and accommodations so travelers will have plenty to see and do.  Children’s activities are plentiful and both families and couples will find these resorts a perfect place to spend their holiday.

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