So today is the day that Disney is switching to a new date based pricing structure.  Anyone who has ever visited Disney World knows that crowd control is a massive problem at the parks particularly during school holidays and other popular times.  Disney has masterminded many different techniques to ensure visitors have an enjoyable experience even on the most crowded day.  Fast Passes and interactive line experiences limit not only the time spent in line, but also make the actual waiting more entertaining.  Even with all the effort to minimize waiting in lines Disney still has frequent overcrowding problems.  Today Disney takes an additional step by revamping it’s pricing structure to encourage visitors to come during less crowded times.  The flip side of this is that those going during peak times will pay a premium.  For many Disney fans this step is highly controversial.  Let’s take a closer look.

Prices for one park-one day are now $109-$129 depending on the day you visit.  These prices are the same for all four parks.  (Magic Kingdom formerly was slightly more expensive than the other parks for single day tickets)  Multi-day tickets are now based on the first day you visit and are up to $3 less per day for off peak days.  For peak days though visitors will be paying up to $14 more per day.  Park-Hoppers are up to $4 less per day for off peak and up to $15 more per day for peak times.

Some people may argue that this system penalizes those who genuinely can’t travel at off peak times because of school schedules.  In reality though I think it will even things out a bit and all visitors will benefit.  The up charges are minimal considering the overall cost of a Disney vacation– less than a $20 difference depending on the day you visit– and hopefully it will encourage locals and those without children to visit at other times of year making the parks more enjoyable for all visitors.

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