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Embarking on a luxury cruise aboard the Silversea Silver Muse is an extraordinary experience that combines lavish accommodations, impeccable service, and unforgettable culinary delights. When it comes to dinnertime on board the Silver Muse there is no shortage of exquisite options. With a range of restaurants of the Silver Muse offering diverse cuisines and unique dining experiences, the Silversea elevates the art of fine dining at sea.

La Dame:

La Dame, an intimate and elegant restaurant, epitomizes refined French dining. With a menu curated by Relais & Châteaux, this exclusive venue offers an exquisite culinary journey. Indulge in classic French dishes prepared with the finest ingredients, complemented by an extensive wine selection. The sophisticated ambiance and impeccable service make dining at La Dame an unforgettable experience for discerning palates. For many guests an evening at La Dame is a highlight of their culinary experience on board the Silver Muse.

Personal Thoughts: La Dame has some of the best food I’ve eaten while at sea. That being said I feel that both Atlandtide and Inchochine (in particular) offer a parallel degree of culinary exceptionalism. All the food on Silversea is fantastic and if you can’t get reservations or don’t want to spend the money you really won’t be missing out on anything.

Cover charge
Reservations required


As the traditional main dining room on board Atlantide is the epitome of contemporary dining. This elegant restaurant serves an array of fresh seafood delicacies and prime cuts of meat. The menu showcases a fusion of flavors from around the world, artfully crafted to satisfy even the most discerning taste buds. The elegant décor, attentive service, and panoramic ocean views further enhance the dining experience at Atlantide. Their extensive gelato and frozen yogurt options complement a variety of both classic and unique desert options to finish off an incredible meal.

Personal Thoughts: The ambiance of Atlantide is just phenomenal. I just love the place settings with the etched silverware. You can really see the attention to detail that is the hallmark of Silversea.

Included in cruise fare
Open Seating


Step into the world of Southeast Asian flavors at Indochine. This vibrant restaurant takes inspiration from the spices and aromas of the region, creating a fusion of Thai, Vietnamese, and Indian cuisines. The menu offers a delightful blend of sweet, sour, and spicy flavors, presenting a unique dining experience. Enjoy beautifully presented dishes in a chic and contemporary setting, immersing yourself in the exotic ambiance of Indochine. With pleasant touches like a daily pre dinner cocktail selected to complement the evenings menu choices Indochine is truly a dining delight.

Personal thoughts: While I have never had anything but fantastic food on Silversea Indochine shines as the best of the best. I do love Asian food so perhaps if that’s not your preference you won’t agree, but for me the fusion of flavor and the variety of dishes yields dining perfection.

Included in cruise fare
Open Seating


Kaiseki restaurant features a serene and elegant ambiance, reflecting the traditional Japanese aesthetic. With minimalist decor, natural materials, and subtle lighting enhancing the dining experience, Kaiseki cuisine focuses on the balance of flavors, textures, and colors, utilizing fresh, high-quality ingredients. The menu at the Kaiseki restaurant includes a variety of dishes such as sashimi, sushi, traditional teppanyaki, seasonal vegetables, soups, and desserts. Each course is carefully prepared and served in a sequence designed to harmonize the overall dining experience.

Personal Thoughts: Kaseiki is a perfect lunch venue for after excursions. Open until later than most lunch options their sushi offerings are exquisite and when paired with a Japanese beer offer a quiet, refined and elegant place to eat after an exhausting day of touring.

Cover charge for dinner only

Reservations required for dinner

La Terrazza:

La Terrazza captures the essence of authentic Italian cuisine. This charming restaurant offers a variety of delectable dishes prepared with passion and authenticity. From homemade pasta and other Italian classics, La Terrazza brings the flavors of Italy to the high seas. Dine alfresco on the open-air terrace, enjoying panoramic ocean views and the gentle sea breeze that adds to the enchantment of the experience.

Personal Thoughts: I have actually never eaten at La Terrazza. I’m honestly not a big fan of Italian food so I just always go to the other restaurants. That being said I have heard the homemade pasta is exceptional.

Included in cruise fare
Reservations required

Silver Note:

For an evening of live music and delicious small bites syle style dining, head to Silver Note. This jazz dinner club combines the traditional joy of music with a modern menu. Delight in a fusion of flavors through small plates inspired by global cuisines, accompanied by a magnificent selection of wines and cocktails. The intimate ambiance, soulful tunes, and culinary perfection makes Silver Note a completely immersive experience.

Personal Thoughts: Silver Note is not just dinner– It’s a whole evening out. Give this one your whole night and linger and enjoy.

Included in cruise fare
Reservations required

The Grill:

The Grill is a casual outdoor dining experience that allows guests to cook their selection from a variety of meat and seafood options on heated volcanic rocks. There are also several vegetarian options. Guests who do not wish to cook their own food can also request to have their meal cooked by the chef and brought to them. This unique concept provides a fun way to enjoy a meal while taking in the beautiful views of the surrounding sea.

Personal Thoughts: I like my meat really well done so I usually have them cook it for me. I can do shrimp and most fish on the rocks, but if I want a steak I ask them to do it for me.

Included in cruise fare

Open Seating (most of the time)


Spaccanapoli is a causal pizza restaurant that serves a variety of traditional Neapolitan-style pizzas. It offers a relaxed and laid back atmosphere, perfect for a quick and delicious meal al fresco.

Personal Thoughts: This is one of those highly underrated venues. The pizza is absolutely amazing but with so many other options I think people don’t want to get “just pizza”. My advise– just try it . Totally fantastic!

Final thoughts on the restaurants of the Silver Muse

The restaurants on the Silversea Silver Muse offer an unparalleled dining experience at sea. From French elegance to contemporary seafood, and from Southeast Asian fusion to authentic Italian cuisine, each restaurant presents a distinct culinary journey. Whether you seek the sophistication of La Dame, the contemporary flair of Atlantide, the exotic flavors of Indochine, the authenticity of La Terrazza, or the lively ambiance of Silver Note, the Silver Muse promises a gastronomic adventure that will leave you craving for more. Bon appétit!

Menus from the Restaurants of the Silver Muse

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