The dress code for Silversea Alaska cruises still reflects the luxury and sophistication of the brand, but is overall more relaxed than what you might find on some of their other classic itineraries.

Daytime dress code for Silversea Alaska cruises is relaxed and casual in all venues. Since so many excursions are active most people will wear hiking pants or jeans and t-shirts or sweatshirts/sweaters/jacket. Swimwear is appropriate only in the pool area or the spa.

Generally speaking on a seven night Alaska cruise three of the nights will be casual. This includes the first and last evening as well as one in the middle of the cruise. On Silversea casual means pants, blouses, skirts and casual dresses for ladies and open-neck shirts and slacks for gentlemen. While technically jeans are not forbidden I would discourage them. Silversea is just a very sophisticated line and you might feel underdressed in jeans.

Another three nights will be what Silversea calls informal. For many used to American dress codes this can be somwhat of a misnomer. For informal nights ladies usually wear dresses or pantsuits and gentlemen wear jackets and slacks. Ties are optional. If should be noted that if a man doesn’t wear a jacket he will be given one to wear.

The one formal night (usually the Hubbard Glacier night) is optional and most guests stick to informal wear. That being said if you would like to dress up it is encouraged. Formal wear for ladies is an evening gown or cocktail dress while gentlemen wear tuxedos, dinner jackets or dark suits.

Regardless of the ship dress code Spacconapoli and The Grill are always casual at dinner and dress code applies only to dining venues. So if you want to take your jacket off to enjoy the evening show go right ahead. Keep in mind no shorts or flip flop type footwear is appropriate in any venue after 6pm even on casual nights.

On a final note, Silversea is a sophisticated luxury line for discerning travelers and this is reflected in the dress code for Silversea Alaska cruises. Although more casual than other Silversea itineraries, the dress code on Silversea Alaska cruises is still elegant and refined.